About our network.

As the #1 Business Network on Discord, our mission is to lead the acceleration of business on Discord. In the process, we hope to help all businesses, individuals, and organizations in the ecosystem.

Our impact in numbers.

#1 Business Networking Server on Discord.

We save lives by providing uneducated businesspeople with opportunities, training, and education.

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Connect with people around the world.

Our diverse members are from all around the world. We operate internationally to provide service and opportunities to everyone, not matter where you are in the world.

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The story behind how our company started.

We rocketed into the glorious #1 business ranking
on a $10billion dollar communications platform.

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Paid Membership Program Started

We delivered on demand for the perfect membership program to invest on behalf of the community, provide resources, and create business systems.

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Reached #1 Server Ranking for Business

Attained the #1 spot as the broad marketplace provider on discord. "Business" search gave us the top spot.

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Business Server Created

One of the first business servers to be created!

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Social Community Launched

Our Social Community Reached 25k people!

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Founder Joined Discord

Became an Early Adopter on Discord.

Our values.

Our core values reflect our high intelligence, integrity, and initiative. We are laser focused on our goals.

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Innovation refers to the introduction of new or improved ideas, methods, products, or processes.

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Commitment is the state of being dedicated to achieving a goal or fulfilling an obligation.

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Teamwork refers to the collaborative effort of a group of individuals working together towards a common goal or objective.

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Ownership refers to the state of having control or possession of something, either legally or through use.

Be a part of our community!

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